Muscogee County Schools touts successes on Georgia Milestones

Muscogee County Schools touts successes on Georgia Milestones

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The Muscogee County School District has responded to the way students performed on the Georgia Milestone's assessment this year.

Student scores increased across the board in science and social studies at the elementary level overall.

For example, Matthews Elementary School had the highest percentage of students in the district who performed as 'Distinguished Learner' in science with 35, just .4 percent higher compared to Britt David Magnet School's 34.7 percent. 

Georgia Milestones uses four levels of performance: Beginning Learners, Developing Learners, Proficient Learners and Distinguished Learners to determine student achievement.

'Beginning Learners' are students that require a significant amount of support from home and school to be successful in the next grade level.

'Distinguished Learners' have shown mastery beyond grade level, according to the district.

"We're glad about the increases that we've seen. We obviously have some areas we want to work on in terms of seeing overall increases as well as beating and meeting the state averages," stated Patrick Knopf, Director of Research and Assessment for Muscogee County Schools.

Math and English Language Arts are two subject areas the district will be focusing on for the upcoming school year.

"We saw some decrease in some areas in ELA and math. Those are areas that we were focusing on in terms of looking at the alignments for the pacing guides and making sure everything is lineup as to what the test is expecting," added Knopf.

Waddell and Georgetown Elementary Schools were among the schools with the lowest percent of students performing at the 'Distinguished Learner' level with 1.4 percent for both schools in ELA.

One huge accomplishment for the district was the high school level. Students in Muscogee County beat the state average in analytic geometry.

The Georgia Department of Education said the percent of students achieving the 'Proficient Learner' level and Above increased for 23 of the 32 tests.
Knopf added he believes the overall increases were due to increased instruction time for students in the classroom overall.

To see a full breakdown of the test results statewide, you can click here.

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