'Today's Youth in a Challenging Tomorrow' helps strengthen father son bonds

'Today's Youth in a Challenging Tomorrow' helps strengthen father-son bonds

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Fifty men and boys gathered at Mt. Pilgrim Baptist Church to hang out, play games, sing songs but more importantly bond on Saturday.

This event was hosted by Today's Youth in a Challenging Tomorrow, an organization founded by a Columbus business owner, Chester Jackson, who is looking to make a positive impact on the youth in the Fountain City.

"We want that bond so that there is no secrets between a father and son. The son can come to a father at any time and when the father is absent the child can come to mentor to someone that they can rely on and say look i need help will you help me. Teach me to understand and show me what i need to do to be a young man," said Jackson.

Strengthening this bond between male leaders in the community and young men is at the heart of Today's Youth in a Challenging Tomorrow's mission. Something that's also aligned with the goals of Pastor Stallion of the Mt. Pilgrim Baptist Church.

"It is certainly important to have a father. There is just something about having a father figure in the home to bring about the leadership that is needed for the young people especially the young men," said Pastor Stallion.  

For more information on Today's Youth in a Challenging Tomorrow and the work they do around the community check out their Facebook page by clicking here.

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