Renovations continue for damaged Columbus fire station

Renovations planned for Fire Station 11 near Warm Springs Rd.

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A Columbus Fire Station that has been out of commission for nearly nine months is now one step closer to reopening their doors.

Fire Station 11 on Warm Springs Road dealt with fire of their own in November 2015.

In the nine months since, the fire department has looked to keep similar response times by moving the resources and equipment from Station 11 to other stations on the north side of town.  

"The meantime we have been trying to do the best that we can under the circumstances. We tried to put our trucks, one of them over here by the airport, and  then also moving our other squad trucks over here on the north end of town. So given the conditions that we have got not having a station here i think we have been able to over come it," said Greg Lang the Chief of the Fire Prevention and Training Unit.

Chief Lang said that the renovations have taken so long because any time more than half of a building's value is damaged, you are required to bring the building back up to code.

In Station 11's case, that means adding in fire alarms and sprinklers as well as creating some extra emergency exits.

Chief Lang hopes that the station will be back up and running by the January 2017.

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