Columbus and Spencer look to build on 2015 success

Columbus and Spencer look to build on 2015 success

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Last year was a dream season for two underdog teams. Columbus and Spencer both ended a playoff drought nearly two decades long.

Now it's about keeping the momentum. Both teams want to prevent a letdown from a history-making season.
"They don't want to be the team that was a Cinderella team last year and now this year it's back to Spencer losing so I think that added pressure helps the seniors," Spencer head coach Pierre Coffey said.

Phil Marino and his Columbus Blue Devils have the same approach to this season.

"We have guys returning this year that are so motivated on what we did last year and have a lot of confidence with the talent we have to be more successful than we were last year," Marino said.
They're no longer the underdogs, but Marino says his team prefers it that way.

"We want that to go in and it's not just Columbus showing up and we're the 'W', we're the homecoming game, and I think now people may think twice about that," Marino said. "Teams make think twice about that before we play them so it's nice to have that feeling for now."
They've made a step forward, now it's time to continue stepping.  

"Now the upcoming kids, it's their time and they've got to take on the torch and carry on a legacy," Coffey said.

"We don't plan on going backwards. We're going forwards and we plan on bettering our record this year," Marino said. 

They broke one streak, and perhaps last year was the start of a new one for Spencer and Columbus.

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