SEC schools make new AP all-time college football list

SEC schools make new AP all-time college football list

(WTVM) – With only one month until the kickoff of the college football season, the Associated Press has ranked the nation's all-time top college football programs for the first time, with seven SEC schools making the top 20 on the list.

Using data from 1,103 of its weekly college football polls over the past 80 years, AP put Alabama at #4 on its all-time list, thanks in part to winning 10 championships in the last 80 years and being top ranked by the Associated Press 43 times under Coach Nick Saban.

Florida and LSU came in at 10th and 11th respectively, then Tennessee, Georgia, and Auburn ranked in order at 14th, 15th and 16th. Georgia Tech is #26 on the new AP ranking, just released Tuesday afternoon.

Only three college football programs topped Alabama: Ohio State, Oklahoma and Notre Dame. The Buckeyes have had 105 #1 rankings and have only had 3 seasons of the last 80 where they had not been ranked.

The AP listed the Sooners as most consistent across eight decades, while the Fighting Irish have won eight championships.

To determine this all-time Top 100 for the first time, the AP counted poll appearances (one point) to show consistency, No. 1 rankings (2 points) to appreciate elite programs and gave a big bonus for AP championships won (10 points).

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