Georgia could become the next battleground state

Local experts are weighing in on the very tight presidential race in Georgia.

In a recent poll by Landmark Rosetta Stone, Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Hilary Clinton are tied for voters in Georgia

The poll, conducted over the weekend, found Trump and Clinton deadlocked with 45 percent of the vote.

Georgia has traditionally leaned towards a red state or more republican but because of the new poll it now falls into the category of being a swing or battleground state.

"It's the campaign speeches. I think it's about steps and missteps. So that means if someone says something that's compelling. It could help garner support but as we seen in this campaign or this election sometimes its missteps too or potentially inflammatory or controversial statements that could ignite, Dr. Frederick Gordon with Columbus State University's Political Science Department told News Leader Nine.

Gordon says Georgia could turn back into a one party state down the line before Election Day but it will depend on the next couple of debates.

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