New STEM learning centers set to change Phenix City school

New STEM learning centers set to change Phenix City school

PHENIX CITY, AL (WTVM) - It's back to school for Harris County students on Wednesday. Next in line is Phenix City, with schools opening on Thursday.

This year is expected to be quite different than most for students in Phenix City, as brand new STEM learning centers across schools all over the district will change learning tactics.

One example rests in an engineering room where students will have the opportunity to build things like gliders.

"A person who is not hands on, minds on, is only really 40 percent engaged in the actual activity. That when we involve ourselves with hands on, minds on learning, we're much more engaged in the learning process," said Phenix City Superintendent Randy Wilkes who is ready for students to take advantage of all the new resources the district has worked hard to offer.

This year, all elementary students will find a hands-on, activity-packed smart lab in their school that focuses on things like coding, and robotics. Sixth and seventh graders in the district will now come through this new STEM Center, which has the latest technology to continue those activities.

"Through these hands-on, minds-on activities in our Smart Labs, students should retain all the science and all the mathematical concepts that they're being taught,"said Wilkes.

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