Boyfriend arrested for fatal stabbing

"She loved everyone!" Rolanda McGee was in tears when she told News Leader Nine about the tragic death of her sister 47 year old Mickie Mack.
Mack was stabbed to death Wednesday night inside her Lee County, Alabama home by her boyfriend, according to police.      

"She would take the shirt of her back just to help you out," says McGee.
Wednesday night, investigators say Mack's boyfriend, 49 year old Don Smith stabbed her in the back, neck and torso.
Smith, who lives down the road, called 911 and was arrested after investigators discovered Mack's body in the living room of her home along Lee Road 4.
The family says Mack tried to leave Smith several times, but says she felt stuck in the abusive two year relationship.
 "And that final time, he just took her life, he took her life, he just took her life," says McGee.
 Devastated, McGee is begging others to do whatever it takes to escape domestic violence.
"She won't see her grandchild grow up, won't watch her daughters walk down the aisle, just because of him saying if I can't have you nobody can, he just took her from us," McGee told News Leader Nine.
Investigators say even though an arrest has been made, their case is far from over.

They want to know exactly what sparked the violent attack in an effort to give the victim's family a measure of peace.

Smith remains at the Lee County Detention Facility on a $150,000 bond.

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