Launch Trampoline Park hosts event for children with special needs

Launch Trampoline Park hosts event for children with special needs

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A Columbus company shut down to the general public Thursday night to offer an exclusive event for a special group of kids.

By turning down the music and the lights, Launch Trampoline Park created an atmosphere much more comfortable for children with special needs.

"I am a special needs parent. My son is diagnosed with cerebral palsy and autism," says Brandy Dawson-King.

A second time VIP visitor, she says she's hoping other Columbus companies will follow suit.

"We turn down the music because the loud sudden noses can startle children and it can cause a bit of a meltdown. Children with autism and Down syndrome, they don't necessarily respond well to that," says Jonathon Pfeifer, General Manager of the Launch Trampoline Park.

Additionally, volunteers from the American Disability Center in Columbus are staffed during the VIP events to help create a safe environment for the special
needs families.

"I would tell all of my special need parents to come out and let your child have a good time, it's stressful for us as parents to try to find activities for our children so this is definitely one thing in Columbus that is great for our children and not only to relax yourself but let your child play and have fun," says Dawson-King.

The Launch trampoline park will also offer a special night coming up on Friday, Aug. 12 for children who are home-schooled.

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