Columbus company owner addresses payroll delays for dozens of employees

Columbus company owner addresses payroll delays for dozens of employees

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A Columbus company has struggled to meet payroll for more than a month.

Now, dozens of their employees who have not been paid are demanding answers.

Complete Facilities Management, a local custodial company that's been in Columbus since the 1970s, recently bumped into some financial issues.

Owner Lisa Rabon says an IRS audit wiped out almost all of the company's cash, and now she is struggling to pay the employees. She also says she hasn't paid herself in months. 

"They are more important and that's just it, they are more important," says Rabon.

For more than a month, nearly 75 CFM employees have been told to wait days and sometimes weeks to cash their weekly checks, according to Rabon. 

"We were getting them on Friday and now we have to wait until Tuesday to cash them," says Eugene Marshall, a custodian at CFM. "Then they had us start picking them up on Tuesday and now we have to wait until Thursday to cash them and it still isn't being there."

Marshall started working at CFM six months ago. He says at first everything was fine, but about four weeks ago he received a notice in the mail from his bank.

He was notified the payroll check he deposited from Complete Facilities Management didn't clear.

"When we pick up our check we should be able to go to the bank and cash it or deposit it, whichever one we want, and that's the problem," Marshall said. "We go to the bank and the tell us they see us coming, they know most of us and they tell us there are no funds."

CFM still owes Marshall nearly $500 according to bank statements. He says he and his colleagues want answers from the owner so they can understand what's exactly going on with the company.

"I appreciate them and I thank them for all their service and work they've done and I will make sure that they are paid at all costs," Rabon said. "It is just going to take some time to rebound from this."

According to the Department of Labor, employees in the state of Georgia who are not paid have the right to file a complaint with the Hour and Wage Division, who can then open an investigation if necessary.

Employees are encouraged to keep track of hours worked and must report complaints within two years of the incident.

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