New restaurants adds economic growth, variety to Uptown Columbus

New businesses coming to Uptown Columbus

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - More changes are coming to Uptown Columbus, including brand new restaurants setting up shop for locals and visitors. 

Hungry customers can expect a brand new bakery in the district, as well as a re-launch at a popular spot on Broadway. 

Neither business has set a fixed date for when they will open their doors in Uptown. 

The restaurant, located on the corner of Broadway and 11th Street, is now under the control of restauranteur Mark Jones. Jones  runs other local eateries like the Black Cow and Flipside. The restaurant was formerly The Social, and most recently an Argentinian steakhouse. 

Jones said he and his partners have not released the restaurant's concept, but Jones' publisher, Stephanie Woodham, said getting the space right below a popular bar like the Social is the first step in adding value to Uptown. 

"Whenever you're standing , there are tons of cars driving by, there's tons of foot traffic, therefore this is going to be a unique venture for us," Woodham said. 

Local redevelopers with Uptown Columbus Inc. agree with the assessment that setting up a business right on the most active side of Uptown will bring a new element to the local economy. 

"If you think of the heart and soul of this community," said Rebecca Zajac, vice president of marketing for Uptown Columbus Inc., "11th and Broadway
is the epic center of where stuff happens."

"Whoever really runs it from here on out - it needs to be just flawless," she said.

The bakery, which will be called My Boulangerie, comes from an idea brought by local owners partnering with a New Orleans chef, according to Uptown Columbus Inc.

My Boulangerie will open right on 12th street, with the goal of drawing foot traffic off of Broadway and grow the rest of the district. 

Zajac said that in the last five years, Uptown Columbus Inc. has seen a substantial amount of growth in this district, compared to the development of the area 15 to 20 years ago. 

And, Zajac said,  the dining additions are part of a long-term plan to establish this area as a destination for both tourists and residents.

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