Columbus Red Cross deploying volunteers to Louisiana

Columbus Red Cross deploying volunteers to Louisiana

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The Columbus Chapter of the Red Cross sent three people to the Baton Rouge area to help during the flooding, and there will be two more on the way before the week is over.

Flooding and rain are expected to continue for several days. The American Red Cross is helping more than 10,000 people in at least 50 emergency shelters.
Twenty-seven staff and volunteers and four Emergency Response Vehicles have already deployed from the state of Georgia, with five of those from the Columbus area.

"The storm itself is something we haven't seen since Hurricane Sandy in 2012," said Adelaide Kirk, Executive Director for Red Cross of West Central Georgia. "It is literally that large of a response effort. It is exceeding 10 million dollars. Its the highest level of disaster of designation that the Red Cross gives internally."

This is Kirk's first ever deployment, and she plans to stay for about two weeks to help with the communication between local officials in Louisiana and the Red Cross.

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