Carver High starting 2016 with two quarterbacks

Carver starting 2016 with two QB's

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Replacing quarterback Jawon Pass is a tough job for anyone. Carver's going with the two-man approach, as Xaiyhir Jacobs and Romello Kimbrough split duties.

Although it may not seem ideal, head coach Dre'Mail King is using it to capitalize on their strengths.

"We have to find a way to put the ball in those two guys' hands," King said. "Xiayhr Jacobs…he's the mindset of it all, but Romello is a football player, and when you've got an athlete like that, you make sure he touches that ball at least 15-20 times a game."

Kimbrough was the man at Jordan last year. Now he's transferred to Carver, and it's a tougher fight to be the man for the Tigers.

"Every practice is like a tryout," Kimbrough said. "At Jordan, it wasn't really like that. I knew I had the spot. It's like a tryout here. There's a lot of good people around me and it makes everybody great."

Despite the two-man system, Kimbrough wants to be the top guy.

"I want to win the job, but with a little bit more work, I should be there," Kimbrough said. "He's not going to hand it to me and say 'here you go Romello' I've got to work for it."

Xaiyhir also wants to be the man but says it's still a friendly competition.
"We're definitely working together," Jacobs said. "We're taking our competition hard, but we don't hate each other about it. We're good friends on and off the field."

Their desire to be the leader is strong, but their desire to win a championship is stronger.

"The goal is to go to the Dome so we do anything to get there, no matter who's starting," Kimbrough said.

We'll see if Carver can find that balance to get them to the Dome in December.

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