New technology helps GA Power restore outages faster

New technology helps GA Power restore outages faster

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Many around the valley have had power knocked out at least once from those pesky pop-up summer storms.

Georgia Power gave us a tour of their storm center located at their office on Gentian Boulevard in Columbus on Wednesday.

The center has new smart grid technology that allows a quicker response time to outages that occur during severe weather. The system monitors for any outages in the West Central Georgia region.

Once the locations of the outages are found, the information is sent to Georgia Power workers out in the field.

Officials say despite this new technology, it's still important for residents to call about outages.

"We still encourage people to call," said Robert Watkins with Georgia Power. "Because their phone number is tied to the system, and we know that they're out. They may be the only one out."

Georgia Power also has an app for iPhone and Android that you can download to report and check power outages.

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