PHOTO: TX fifth grader is better than your boyfriend

PHOTO: TX fifth grader is better than your boyfriend

MONTGOMERY, TX (WTVM) – In case you were wondering if you were a good boyfriend, here's your sign: you're not as good as a kid named Cole.

Cole and his sweetheart, Sherri, are both athletic and are a cute little couple in the fifth grade. Their moms told Buzzfeed that aside from going to each other's sporting events and family dinners together, the pair has been friends for the last few years.

"[They've been] dating for about a year now," Nicole Rodriguez, Sherri's mom told Buzzfeed.

The two 10-year-olds have been "dating" since Cole admitted to having a little crush on her in the fourth grade.

But when Sherri tore her ACL playing soccer, Cole really made a major move – the role of sweet boyfriend.

Cole's letter reads:

Dear Sherri,

In addition to the letter, Cole gave Sherri a cookie cake and a stuffed animal. Sherri's cousin, Gabriella, tweeted the photos on Aug. 23, and his loving gesture has gone viral.

"My little cousin is in the 5th grade…5th grade. I can't even rn [right now]," Gabriella tweeted.

Cole's mom, Brandi Lanclos, told Buzzfeed it was a really sweet moment.

So, fellas, maybe – JUST MAYBE – you can wash the dishes tonight.

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