Leadership teams for Trump and Clinton campaign in Georgia

Leadership teams for Trump and Clinton campaigning in Georgia

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Recent polling shows a dead heat between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in Georgia.

Now both campaigns are rolling out their ground games for the battleground state this fall, and Trump unveiled his Georgia campaign team on Thursday.

Trump's team of 13 members consists of Republican Senator David Perdue as one of the chairmen and Joseph Brannon of Columbus, who is with the Grassroots Steering Committee.

The communications director for the Trump Campaign in Georgia says the team of 13 members is the best to spread the Presidential hopeful's message across the state.

"The Trump-Pence ticket offers the best possible future for Americans if they're interested in economic prosperity, they are interested in getting our economy  back on track, creating jobs, if they are interested in free trade, if they are interested in secure borders and strong national security," said Jennifer Hazelton, Communication Director for Trump Campaign in the state of Georgia.

But Donald Trump is not alone when it comes to making sure voters are informed for what is being called a competitive campaign.

State Representative Calvin Smyre is on Hilary Clinton's leadership team for Georgia put in place weeks ago.

"I've known her over the years. And I've known her to be committed to the issues that I espouse. Issues such as good education, job force and improvement, economic development. Things that create jobs  and give us a better quality of life," Rep. Smyre said.

The Trump Campaign in Georgia says an announcement for a campaign headquarters in the state will be coming very soon.
Smyre says Hilary Clinton already opened her campaign headquarters in Atlanta last week.

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