WTVM Editorial 8/26/16: Stay alert to stay alive on Alabama roadways

WTVM Editorial 8/26/16: Stay alert to stay alive on Alabama roadways

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – If you drive on any highway in Alabama, troopers have two words for you: slow down.

Frequent news stories about deadly crashes, often involving teenagers driving Alabama's roads are stark reminders that 400 people a year die on Alabama roads and 9,000 others suffer major injuries.

Just recently, a family of five from Louisiana all perished after a crash in Lee County.

Alabama law enforcement says 86 accidents happen daily in the state and of all the crashes that prove deadly, 51 percent of drivers, especially young drivers, we're not wearing their seat belts.

It's time to give serious thought to the death and destruction on Alabama roads and ask ourselves to take driving safety seriously.

Besides wearing a seat belt and slowing down, never drive tired or distracted. The text or phone call can wait.

Also, remember to leave enough stopping distance between you and the cars in front and in back of you. And always be on the lookout for the bad driver who suddenly changes lanes without warning.

The next time you drive in Alabama, be alert. Don't make these common, deadly mistakes.

We must take responsibility for our own safety. No one can do that for us.


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