Dog attack alarms neighbors, raises concern for children

Dog attack alarms neighbors, raises concern for children

Columbus, GA (WTVM) -  Residents in East Columbus say they will think twice before leaving their pets or kids in the front yard after they say two unidentified dogs attacked without warning.

One family living on Wilcox Way saw the dogs attacked and kill their cat.

Kaci Buschel noticed the first sign of trouble for her Cleo, who she's owned for 14 years. 

"I heard a little commotion out on the carport, and I looked out the window but I didn't see anything," she said. 

Buschel said her grandfather then came through and said they needed to call animal control.

Buschel said it took little time for two dogs to grab Cleo, and according to her, tear her apart.
Not knowing what to do, Buschel then called Columbus Animal Control to see how they could help bury Cleo. 

She said she was not pleased with the answer she got. 

"The city wanted me to pay them $10 to take the cat away, and then when we were going to pay the $10, he didn't have a receipt to write it," Buschel said. "So he couldn't take the cat then." 

WTVM spoke with witnesses and neighbors of Buschel who tried to help her rescue the cat, and then after the cat passed, see what they could do with its remains.

"I tried to help," said Raul Reyes, who witnessed Buschel screaming at the dogs to let Cleo go. "She called Animal Control, I told them 'Sorry,' because I can't do nothing."

"We located both of the dogs," said Mary Bitney, a long time neighbor of Buschel and her family.

"Unfortunately, by the time they got back here, they went into the back of a rental property, jumped into the ditch, and then they were gone," Bitney said.  

Buschel and her family do remember what the two dogs look like. 

"Medium-sized dogs. Brownish, greyish color. Maybe some kind of Pinscher mix, maybe a pit bull," Buschel said.

Now, along with protecting her four remaining cats, Buschel said she's most concerned about her three kids playing on the street.

"What if this is my 3-year-old? 4-year-old? 8-year-old child?," she said. "The next time they're out here playing, and these dogs come up and decide to play with them like a toy too?"

WTVM reached out to animal control to find out if they had other complaints about the dogs in the area. So far, we have not received a response. 

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