Increase in Atlanta events this weekend could affect Labor Day travel

Increase in Atlanta events this weekend could affect Labor Day travel

Depending on where you're going, storms could impact your travel plans for the holiday weekend.

If you're traveling by air, Delta is one of several airlines issuing storm-related waivers, meaning travelers won't be charged for changing travel plans.

If you're hitting the road, drivers will have to deal with increased congestion during the holiday weekend in addition to possible weather issues.

"Don't get hung up in the roadway stuff, and don't get hung up being that impatient driver that's following too close or getting in that lefthand lane on the interstate and driving slow," said Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Corporal Jess Thornton.

While some frustrations on the road are expected, an influx of travelers plus stormy weather and more than normal regional events equals a possible messy situation.

Experts say the biggest thing you can do to avoid roadway headaches is to prepare your route before hoping in the car and relying solely on Siri or your GPS.

If you're going north to places like Chattanooga, Charlotte, Myrtle Beach you'll most likely be directed through Atlanta; however, Atlanta police expect about half a million extra tourists to be in the area for an abnormal amount of activities happening this weekend.

Some of the popular events include Braves and Falcon games, Georgia State versus Ball State, DragonCon, and the Chick-Fil-A kick-off at the Georgia Dome.

If you're going south to Panama City Beach hoping for some nice beach days following the storms rolling through the area Thursday night, you'll be en route with others using the major 431 and 231 straight shot highways.

Law enforcement says if possible, take alternative routes, be aware of congestion, and give yourself ample time.

"When you have a long holiday weekend, a lot of people want to take advantage of it, with school being in especially,work, people having those priorities obviously. Well, they want to go to a destination, maybe such as the beach, well there's a lot of other people besides you doing that," said Thornton.

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