Amidst football and other sports, experts warn about risks of knee injuries

Amidst football and other sports, experts warn about risks of knee injuries

From tailgating at your alma mater to rushing to get your little one to baseball practice, sports are in full swing in the South.

However, with the excitement comes the threat of injuries to athletes young and old.

"If you have an injury to the knee, you can have problems with your hip, that then can go on to cause problems with your low back," said Dr. George Zimmerman, Orthopedic Surgeon at St. Francis.

Experts are warning parents and players about the threat of knee injuries, and the life long affects they can possibly have.

The issue is springing up once again following the recent comeback of UGA football star Nick Chubbs, who hurt his knee last season.

Experts at Saint Francis in Columbus say a high amount of injuries locally come from a different sport, however - soccer.

"We are seeing an abundance, or almost a significant amount of ACL injuries and meniscal injuries in these kids because they are playing at such high level of most frequently soccer nowadays," said Dr. Zimmerman.

Dr. Zimmerman adds that the injury can be especially damaging to children still growing.

"Complication with that is if you do indeed have a growth plate injury, then that could cause a limb-like discrepancy, it can cause a mal-alignment in the lower extremity, but all in all if you have any type of sports-related injury, you can end up with the possibility of arthritis down the line," Dr. Zimmerman said. 

St. Francis doctors also say you can only return to a sport following an injury if your strength, function, and range of motion have returned.

Experts say stretching, having a good warm up, and keeping your legs strong and flexible are the best ways to prevent injuries to your knee.

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