Lee-Scott QB shows off his golf skills

Lee-Scott QB shows off his golf skills

(WTVM) - You could call Turk Pettit a jack of all trades.

"He's like Cool Hand Luke," head coach Robert Maddox said. "He handles himself pretty well and like I said he knows how to play the game."

He plays quarterback and linebacker, but it's another skill that's gotten him a lot of attention. Pettit's an avid golfer and a pretty good one too. He's one of the top junior golfers in the southeast and is committed to Clemson on a golfing scholarship.

"He'll whip you any day of the week and me and you put together," Maddox said laughingly.

This past summer, Pettit won both the Alabama State Amateur and Future Masters golf tournaments.

"I got a feeling he's going to be making money one day playing golf," Maddox said.

Pettit said he gets more nervous playing football than golf.

"On the golf course I don't really get nervous," he said.

So we decided to put his golf skills to the test in his home stadium. He didn't disappoint. He made a "field goal" from 160 yards away, and also had a nice shot wearing shoulder pads.

If he plays half as good as he golfs on Friday, Lee-Scott will do just fine against the Glenwood Gators.
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