Feel Good Friday: This week's uplifting stories

Feel Good Friday Recap

People often say the news is depressing, and there's never anything positive being reported.

Well, we'd have to disagree.

While we often cover many tragic cases, we also share many stories of ordinary people spreading hope and happiness throughout their community.

Throughout the week, we'll compile a list of uplifting or positive stories and share them on Friday.

Take a look at these feel-good stories from earlier this week: 

1. An Ohio teen and double amputee overcame the odds - now he's living his dream of playing high school football.  

2. They're the definition of relationship goals: an Oklahoma couple celebrated 57 years of marriage with a photo shoot based on Nicholas Sparks' The Notebook.  

3. This one's closer to home: first responders in the Chattahoochee Valley got a big (and delicious) thank-you on Labor Day from local Olive Garden restaurants

5. Deonn Carter, a Columbus man with autism who was well-liked by the community and law enforcement, passed away 11 days after he was shot during an armed robbery. Now, his friends are helping his mother pay off medical bills and funeral expenses by hosting a charity softball tournament in his honor

6. A young girl was at a restaurant with her father when she noticed a homeless man sitting on a bench outside. She then asked her dad's permission before personally offering her food to the man

7. A West Louisville teenager prayed with a homeless man after giving him the shoes off his own feet. 

If you know of any positive events happening in our community you'd like us to cover, email us and we'll pass the information on to the newsroom.

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