Auburn woman celebrates 90th birthday with motorcycle ride

Auburn woman celebrates 90th birthday with motorcycle ride

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - To celebrate her 90th birthday, one Columbus woman now living in Auburn got back in the saddle and rode as a guest of honor with a local motorcycle club.

Millie Hunter knew she wanted to get back on a motorcycle for her birthday, having spent years with her husband going to bike rallies across the state.

However, she was not expecting a crew of 13 motorcycles and more than 25 people from the Valley Motorcycle Touring Association to ride around Auburn on her way to dinner.

As you see in the GoPro video, Millie and her friends headed out from her home, stopping by to greet some neighbors at another retirement community here in Auburn.

We asked Millie why she started riding, and did so at age 74.

"It was exciting, it was exciting," Millie said. "It was just different from what I had ever done, and I wanted to do it."

We caught up with Millie at her dinner at the Shakey's Pizza restaurant in Auburn.

She said this is one birthday she'll remember for the rest of her life.

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