Mayor Lowe calls for prayer and unity in Phenix City

Mayor Lowe calls for prayer and unity in Phenix City

PHENIX CITY, AL (WTVM) - What was supposed to be a press conference about racial comments regarding Phenix City turned out to be a call for unity.

Mayor Eddie Lowe and several other dignitaries in the community addressed the public and media on Thursday afternoon.

It was said the conference would be about certain racial comments, but Lowe did not address any specific comments.

He said today was about being proactive to show people that Phenix City is a loving and unified place to live.

With more than 50 people standing behind him at the public safety building, Lowe, two pastors and a representative from the school district spoke about coming together and moving forward as one positively Phenix City.

"The reason for this is to show and send a message to people in this community who do not want to get on board that this ship is going to keep rolling and we are going to continue to show unity in Phenix City," said Mayor Eddie Lowe.

"We are going to live together, pray together, work together and share together and lift the city together because we love the city of Phenix City and all that it stands for," said Rev. Isaac Hudson.

The district attorney, Sheriff Heath Taylor, and other city officials and supporters from the community were present to hear what the mayor had to say.

Lowe was recently re-elected as mayor last month.

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