Police discuss unity, pay raise proposal at commUNITY event

Police discuss unity, pay raise proposal at commUNITY event

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Law enforcement in the Chattahoochee Valley continues to build bridges in the community.

The Police Benevolent Organization of West Georgia held a Blue Lights and CommUNITY event to promote togetherness in Columbus.

The event was attended by city leaders and top law enforcement officials with the goal of maintaining trust with civilians.

They reminded residents they're here to protect and serve, and encouraged people to never hesitate to give them a call, especially before a crime has actually been committed.

Officials also discussed Thursday's announcement by Georgia's governor that law enforcement officers across the state would be getting a 20 percent raise.

"I would agree with that and one of the big things that it's going to do is help not only recruiting but retaining officers at the state levels," said Patrick Cullinan with the Police Benevolent Association. "So this will affect many officers from the Georgia State Patrol to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Motor Care, Compliance, it'll affect many officers across the state."

WTVM's Jose Zozaya was emcee for the event.

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