WTVM Editorial 9/9/16: The value of good news

WTVM Editorial 9/9/16: The value of good news

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - It's so important these days to draw attention to the good news happening all around us.

Some people think the media just likes to focus on bad news. But good news needs to be told and in just the last week - we told a lot of it.

First, we told viewers about the $595,000 donated by Winn Dixie grocery shoppers throughout our area and the rest of the south to Louisiana flood victims.

And the Louisiana flood benefit concert that WTVM and 90 other local TV stations around the country aired on labor day raised $800,000.

Closer to home, we highlighted the good news that the popular Columbus airshow, Thunder in the Valley" donated more than $71,000 to local charities including the Boy Scouts.

And we covered the inaugural Sportsvisions celebrity golf tournament which raised $10,000 to benefit For Kids a mentoring program.

In Auburn, the university celebrated the impressive good news of $1 billion raised in a special effort to keep the school well-funded for decades to come.

And finally, this bit of good news.

A Columbus woman now living in auburn named Millie Hunter celebrated her 90th birthday with a special motorcycle ride with the valley motorcycle touring club. It showed her vitality and her joy in creating a positive memory she says will last a lifetime.

And that's the important thing about good news.

It has value to all of us because it highlights the positive, uplifting and inspiring moments that help us remember to celebrate life.

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