GA woman dubbed #teacherbae, social media criticizes wardrobe

GA woman dubbed #teacherbae, social media criticizes wardrobe

ATLANTA (WTVM) - An Atlanta teacher has been at the center of sudden internet fame and scorn since a photo of her in a classroom in a dress has gone viral.

Patrice Brown is a paraprofessional for Atlanta Public Schools. The beautiful Brown, who is a graduate of Alabama State University, has gone viral for a photo of her in a dress that accentuated her body.

Brown has been dubbed #teacherbae, with many feeling as though she's been objectified. Others have been critical of what she's wearing, with others grabbing photos from her social media pages and sharing them as a part of their own discussions.

Many have come to Brown's defense, mentioning that she is there to teach young people - and is probably pretty good at her job.

Brown has also posted on Twitter about her photos going viral, saying: "I don't understand why people hate and bash others for doing what they love and work hard for."

In another tweet, Brown said: "Why is there so much hate & jealousy in this world? When people just wanna achieve their dreams. Nasty people all on social media."

Brown also told The Daily Dot that she wished people "would respect me and focus on the positive and what truly matters," which is teaching children in the classroom.

Brown has also made her Instagram private and deleted many of the pictures.

Officials with Atlanta Public Schools told Atlanta news station WXIA that Brown was a paraprofessional and that she's been "given guidance regarding the APS Employee Dress Code," as will as their social media policies and her social media presence. You can read the APS dress code for teachers here.

We've reached out to Brown for a statement and she has not responded to our requests.

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