GOP Party leaders talk Nov. elections in Muscogee Co.

GOP Party leaders talk Nov. elections in Muscogee Co.

Columbus, GA (WTVM) - As Donald Trump continues his campaign, speakers from the Georgia Republican Party and several candidates addressed members of the Muscogee County GOP at an event in Columbus.

Candidates for local races included State Sen. Josh McKoon running for reelection in District 29, and Greg Duke, who's running against Sanford Bishop for the 2nd Congressional District.

Duke said he wants voters to get the party's message out across the community and work to keep companies open within the Peach State.

"In Albany where I live, we've lost several major industries like Cooper Tires, Merck chemical company," Duke said. "We've got to fight for these companies that are already here to stay, and then influence those to come back or new ones to come in."

The event's guest speaker Michael McNeely, first vice chair for the Georgia Republican Party, spoke to party members the latter half of the event.

When asked what he thought about the controversy surrounding Hillary Clinton's health, as well as her recent comments on Trump supporters being called "deplorable," McNeely said it was wrong of her to categorize voters that way.

"We should have respect for every individual that is a citizen of this country and is looking to make the right choice for the individual who will become the next president of the United States," he said.

McNeely and the two candidates addressed the crowd inside the county headquarters, making it clear they want supporters to actively support Donald Trump in his campaign.

McNeely also touched on how the state Republican Party is pooling all its resources to help candidates win key elections across the state, as well as supporting the Donald Trump and Mike Pence presidential ticket.

As for comments on Clinton's health, McNeely said he hopes she recovers but that questions about her health jeopardize her chances to win the election.

All the speakers generally said they agreed that Georgia, for the most part, will remain red on Election Day in November.

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