Columbus High lineman is a trilingual triple threat

Columbus High lineman is trilingual triple threat

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - William Nana Fabu is fluent in the language of football, but spend some time with him and you'll find out he knows some other languages.

"I know English, French and Spanish," the senior offensive lineman said. "I speak French and English very fluently and Spanish just comes easier to me."

Nana Fabu learned French in his home country of Cameroon, and decided to learn Spanish when he immigrated to the States. He spoke three languages before he could drive.

"They're all Latin-based so it's something that's pretty neat," Nana Fabu said.

He's got the brains and the brawn to go with it. This 6'1" offensive lineman has 13 pancake blocks in just three games and has multiple offers from schools, including a preferred walk-on offer to Georgia Tech.

"He's grown to be bigger and stronger, a student of the game," Columbus head coach Phil Marino. "He's a preseason All-State lineman and he's proved that so far. HE has a lot to prove, and he wants to be the best lineman in the city and the state if he can."

Learning a new language and playing football aren't that different. It's all about repetition and practice.

"Everything that encompasses football, film, studying the plays and everything, that's something that we focus on here. And it just translates to the field," Nana Fabu said.

Winning is becoming another language to him. Come Friday night, there'll be no translation necessary.

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