LaGrange sends message to clown-hysteria stirring residents

LaGrange sends message to clown-hysteria stirring residents

TROUP COUNTY, GA (WTVM) - Following a soft-lockdown at a LaGrange high school on Wednesday, the clown hysteria sweeping its way across the country has now landed two Troup County residents behind bars after reporting false sightings.

Deputies are taking the online clown threats and false sighting very seriously and say if you don't want to end up behind the barded wire fences of the Troup County Jail, you don't want to make these jokes yourself.

Guzzling up hours and hours of the attention of six to seven deputies, multiple false clown sightings coming from a brother and sister-in law duo in Troup County has ended in two arrests.

Brandon Moody, 26,  and Rebecca Moody, 27, allegedly admitted to fabricating an eerie story about seeing a clown in a white van off Hammett Road.

"I did make contact with a white van and the driver, and our deputies spoke with him and he states that he was out of gas, and at that point he gave them consent to search the vehicle and there were no clown costumes or any costumes of that nature in or around the vehicle" said Sgt. Stewart Smith with the Troup County Sheriff's Office]

The social media firestorm has prompted both the Troup County Sheriff's Department and the Lagrange Police Department to divvy up resources to look into the claims- which have all turned out false.

"We've got our normal crimes, our thefts, our burglaries, and stuff like that, and then we have this come up, so we are considering this a crime and a threat, so we're treating it like any other, but when people do this stuff, make up these 911 calls, it certainly heightens us to think we are going out to one of these threats or incidents," said Smith.

The pair were charged with obstruction and unlawful conduct during a 911 call which could range from a fine to jail time.

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