Columbus Mayor talks 'thaw the freeze' and police

Columbus Mayor talks 'thaw the freeze' and police

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - "Let's Talk with the Mayor" is what a room full of Columbus residents got to do – and also the title of Thursday night's event.

Close to 100 people came out to the Frank Chester Recreation Center for Mayor Teresa Tomlinson's third public forum of 2016.

They asked about police interaction with the community, keeping neighborhoods and parks looking good, and the so-called freeze on property tax assessment, which the public votes on in November.

Mayor Tomlinson, who hopes to "thaw the freeze," explained to the crowd the misconceptions about this issue.

"There's an assumption that you're losing the (property tax) freeze. The reason why it's called a thaw and not lifting a freeze is because the freeze would actually just be retired, but continue to exist," Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson said.

Mayor Tomlinson said the property tax freeze system would be replaced overall by a fair market system being used now in much of Georgia.

She also had other leaders from the planning department and law enforcement to help answer questions at Thursday night's forum.

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