WTVM Editorial 9/16/16: Give a few more dollars to the United Way

WTVM Editorial 9/16/16: Give a few more dollars to the United Way

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – $7 million.

That's the new goal set by the United Way of the Chattahoochee valley to fund the important projects that help our neighbors improve their lives and that improves our entire community.

Nearly 1,000 gathered for the United Way campaign kickoff lunch and to hear the united way reveal their ambitious goal. Those in attendance already give to the United Way, and that shows the tremendous support for the organization and its leadership.

But we want to help get the word out to everyone who wasn't there.

All the money raised for the united way stays right here. And before the United Way gives away any of those precious funds, the charitable groups that benefit must prove they will use the money to improve the health, finances or education of the community.

All of us can make that $7 million goal a reality.

Many large and medium-sized companies participate in simple payroll deductions for employees to easily donate even the smallest amounts.

If your company offers the payroll deduction option, as we do here at WTVM, please join in the giving. Even a few dollars a week can make a huge difference if we all do it together.

If your company doesn't offer payroll deductions for your united way donation, you can always give a one-time gift of any amount.

With life's pressures seeming to mount all around us, it's gratifying to know the united way is always there, but we can never take that for granted.

Any of us who can pitch in just a few more dollars this year will help make good things happen for the struggling, the lonely; the people we may not even know, but who need our help the most.

So let's push ourselves to give generously to the United Way and hit that ambitious $7 million goal.

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