Feel Good Friday: This week's uplifting stories for Sept. 23

Feel Good Friday: This week's uplifting stories for Sept. 23

People often say the news is depressing, and there's never anything positive being reported.

Well, we'd have to disagree.

While we often cover many tragic cases, we also share many stories of ordinary people spreading hope and happiness throughout their community.

Throughout the week, we'll compile a list of uplifting or positive stories and share them on Friday.

Take a look at these feel-good stories from earlier this week:

2. A senior with special needs had always dreamed of scoring a touchdown, and that's just what he did with the help of the school's football team.

3. Some Muscogee County deputies made a birthday boy's wish come true this week.

5. How cool is this? There's a new type of golf cart specifically to help those with disabilities continue playing golf.

6. After a 12-year-old terminally ill dog was diagnosed with cancer, his owner did something special to lift his spirits.

7. This academic whiz isn't your average college student – for starters, he's only 9 years old! Now he's making university-level work look like child's play.

8. Valley Rescue Mission is offering residents a chance to help out a good cause and beautify their yards.

9. A Columbus woman just celebrated her 102nd birthday on Thursday - happy birthday, Mrs. Margaret Polos!

10. Every year, a Columbus business owner and his volunteers give away more than a thousand bikes to children across the Chattahoochee Valley.

If you know of any positive events happening in our community you'd like us to cover, email us and we'll pass the information on to the newsroom.

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