AL oil spill impacting gas prices in Chattahoochee Valley

AL oil spill impacting gas prices in Chattahoochee Valley

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Gas prices across the southeast have jumped since the oil spill just outside of Birmingham 10 days ago, and the shortage has been felt by some in the Fountain City.

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal signed an executive order on Monday, preventing gas stations from significantly hiking fuel prices.These drivers are some of the lucky ones, others spent part of their day hunting down a station that had a supply so they could get their Monday started.

"I came here and went to the Circle K and the Shell but when I got to the pump it said sold out handwritten on all of them," Liberty Gas Station manager Carolyn Gibson said.

Many stations have had to raise their prices with the shortages, some as high as $2.49 others keeping their prices low; the cheapest in town around $1.95.

The Liberty Gas Station on Victory Drive just received a shipment and thought it was only right to keep the prices the same.

"Well we have the cheapest gas in town and we called on time and I guess they came and delivered to us early.  We just do the best we can to serve the public," Gibson said.

The Liberty Gas expects their shipment will last them about three days and they were not informed that there will be any issues with the next shipment.  Their customers are thankful the prices have stayed the same.

"I'm thinking that the gas are about to go sky high. This place right here is very good i have been coming here a long time and they keep their prices right where they should be,"  customer Aaron Duncan said. "Like even though there is a gas shortage you can't tell here because they still have the gas down to $1.97."

For some people, gas impacts how they get to and from work, some it impacts their work.  Other truly depend on gas as a part of their survival.

"I depend on gas because I have to get my chemo and without gas the way things got I don't know how I'm going to make it," customer Mary Martin-Blue  said.

Some gas stations will continue to get their regular schedule shipments but others will struggle to meet the demand the community will be presenting.

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