WTVM Editorial 9/23/16: Drive-thru flu shots

WTVM Editorial 9/23/16: Drive-thru flu shots

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Drive thru's - many of us use them every day to pick up a cold drink or grab a fast lunch.

Now, the drive-thru concept is being adopted as a new way to get a flu shot, relying on that familiar drive-thru convenience to bring people in.

It's a smart idea because anything that makes preventive health care more available helps keep our population healthier.

The Columbus Health Department will offer drive-thru flu shots in the Civic Center Parking lot on Oct. 18.

Flu shots have been proven to prevent or greatly lessen the effects of the flu, which the Centers for Disease Control says if left untreated can lead to multiple expensive doctor visits, hospitalization and in extreme cases, the flu can even kill.

The Columbus Health Department wants you to know how easy it is to inoculate yourself from the flu and how little it will cost. The charge is just $35 and they accept most insurance. Fill out the online form at ColumbusHealth.com and be ready to roll up in your car and roll up your sleeve.

When you add up the hours of lost work or school time from the flu, not to mention the suffering from its often debilitating symptoms and other possible serious health complications, getting a flu shot is one of the smartest moves you can make.

The health department's drive-thru flu shot clinic will make it easy for you to get a shot at a low cost.

We urge you to take advantage of it and we salute the Columbus Health Department for thinking in a creative way about how to drive more people to stay healthy.

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