Muscogee Co. supporters looking for key topics during presidential watch parties

Muscogee Co. supporters looking for key topics during presidential watch parties

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Supporters from both sides will be watching and listening from beginning to end of the first presidential debate of 2016 between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump.

The pressure is on both candidates as they debate about key issues and topics. Republicans and Democrats believe the debate will show the difference between the two parties and the two candidates.

It is also one of the most anticipated debates ever.  With supporters on both sides, they're hoping for a packed house for their watch parties.

"We don't need four more years of that and we think Donald Trump has a lot of new ideas and he's an outsider and will be a fresh air to the country," said Rick Allen, Chairman of the Muscogee County Republican Party.

Allen says the party is ready for a Republican leader. They''ll be watching Trump answer issues such as taxes, the economy and foreign policy.

"He's already stepped it up. He's getting better and better at what he's talked about what he's in what he can articulate subject that's coming along really good. I hope he conveys that tonight," said Allen.

But Clinton supporters in Muscogee County will also be watching the presidential candidate outperform her opponent in a professional way.

"A debate takes skill, it takes planning and it takes passion and that's what she has for this country. She's going to show it tonight as she has in every aspect of this campaign and she will do when she is the President for the United States," said Patricia Lassiter, Regional Field Director for Georgia Together for the Coordinated campaign for Democratic Party of Georgia.

Both parties will also educate and answer any questions people may have about the candidates.

The Muscogee County Democratic Party headquarters is located at 3740 Macon Road.

You can find the Muscogee County Republican Party headquarters at 1132 13th Street.

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