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Opportunity School District Forum held on school takeover proposal

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The presidential election isn't the only big topic to be decided by Georgia voters this November. 

Several constitutional amendments will be voted on as well. 

One of those is Amendment 1, which would allow the state to take over failing schools. It created controversy among state education officials. 

A forum was held on the issue Monday night at the Columbus City Services Center. 

Organizers held a question and answer session, handed out pamphlets on the proposal, and urged voters to reject the measure. 

“Amendments are one of the things that when we go to vote, that are going to be on the ballot and they're so critically important but a few people know about and the way that the legislation is written it fools people into thinking that it's an excellent idea but it's not,” said David Smith with Young Democrats of Muscogee County. “It's a government takeover of local schools taking away powers from teachers, parents, and local schoolboard.” 

The government would not take funding away from these failing schools, but it still could mean major changes. 

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