Columbus hand surgeon warns of wrist injuries

Columbus hand surgeon warns of wrist injuries

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Saying 'ouch' when you jam your finger and ignoring the pain is not the thing to do, according to a hand doctor at St. Francis Columbus Clinic.

News Leader 9's Roslyn Giles has more on what athletes need to know when getting hurt on the field.

It can happen in almost any sport, but hand injuries are more prevalent in contact sports like football, tennis, and soccer.

Hand surgeon Dr. Sean Blake at the St. Francis Columbus Clinic says the worst thing someone could do is ignore the injury.

"Especially if it's young individuals, they have their whole life ahead of them and it could lead to a major dysfunction," Dr. Blake said.

Dr. Blake says common hand injuries for athletes like injured thumbs, finger and wrist fractures include game keeper's thumb, thumb gets caught in people's helmet or when they tackle.

The injuries vary in age population from seventh graders and high school seniors.

Dr. Blake also says there's no way to prevent a ligament tear because they happen randomly.

Depending on the type of fracture and the player's age, recovery time could take between three to 12 weeks.

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