Miracle Riders makes a special donation to Girls Inc. of Columbus

Miracle Riders makes a special donation to Girls Inc. of Columbus

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - After riding through several parts of the country for the past seven years, the Miracle Riders will once again get on their motorcycles to help children in the valley area.

There wasn't supposed to be another Scott's Ride after last year, but the Miracles Riders didn't want it to end. They made a special donation and tribute Tuesday to help local children in another way.

"We're about doing something good for the kids in the community and when I heard that Georgia is fifth in the country for childhood drowning and knowing that my mom and Nancy Reeves have worked so hard to teach swimming to thousands of kids in the community, there are kids who don't have the means to go and do that," said Scott Ressmeyer, founder of the Miracle Riders.

Now girls in the organization will have the chance with $5,000 in honor of Wanda Amos, a longtime volunteer and former board member.

"This is my heart. Since I went here when I was a little. It's very important for me to give back to Girls Inc. And so he knows how much I love it and it was priceless. It just makes me so happy," said Wanda Amos, Girls Inc. supporter and former board member.

Amos learned to swim at Girls Inc. when she was younger. The Miracle Riders and Girls Inc is using this opportunity to make a difference.

"So we felt that a little bit of contribution of our money to teaching them how to swim could possible save one life," said Ressmeyer.

After the tribute, 13 of the 30 riders left for Sioux City, IA to welcome a group of motorcycle riders home from a ride benefiting their local children's hospital.

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