Northside kicker becoming not-so-secret weapon

Northside kicker becoming not-so-secret weapon

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Just ask the Auburn Tigers how important the kicking game is, or maybe you can ask Alabama, or maybe you could ask Northside after last week's victory.

They had no offensive points, but they had 24 total, with of them from their kicker, Nathan Robertson.

They weren't all red zone chip shots either. He's pretty good with the irons, as he drained a 51-yarder.

In fact, he's made a few from 50 over the years.

"It's nice to be able to get points every time you get to the 40 yard line," head coach Morgan Ingram said.

"Once we get past the 50, it's in his range," teammate David Apiag said. "He pins teams deep on a punt. He eliminates the kickoff return game because he kids it out of the back of the end zone every time."

There's that old stereotype of kickers that they don't get hit or run and lift like the rest of the team. That's not the case with Robertson. He believes in strong work ethic, earning some high praise from his teammates.

"Every kid on this field respects Nathan, I promise you," Ingram said.

"If you go to workouts and stuff, they'll accept you as part of the team more than 'oh he doesn't go to workouts, we can't really trust him,' but I like being able to be trusted and having all the pressure on me whenever I go out there," Robertson said.

His teammates don't mind what he does on the field either.

"It's another tool in our tool box," Ingram said.

They'll use that tool to try and hammer out a victory, and build toward a playoff run.

Robertson and the Northside Patriots face Columbus High in our Sports Overtime Game of the Week. We'll have live reports from Kinnett Stadium and highlights coming up Friday night.

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