Today in history, September 28.

Today in history, September 28.

Each of these events occurred on the same day of the month, September 28.

551 BC: Teacher, politician and philosopher Confucius is born in Shandog, China.

1066: William the Conquerer invades England beginning the Norman conquest of the country.

1926: Comedian and fertilizer salesman Jerry Clower is born in Liberty, Mississippi.

1928: Sir Alexander Fleming notices a bacteria-killing mold growing in his lab, discovering what later becomes known as penicillin.

1941: Boston's Ted Williams goes 6 for 8 in a season-ending doubleheader, finishing with a .406 batting average.

1964: Comedian and harpist Arthur "Harpo" Marx dies in Los Angeles at age 75.

1978: Pope John Paul I is found dead in his room at the Vatican, 33 days after his papal election.

2008: SpaceX launches the first private spacecraft, Falcon 1, into orbit.

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