Jersey dispute delays Columbus Youth Football season

Jersey dispute delays Columbus Youth Football season

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The Columbus Youth Football League was forced to delay the start of its season after new jerseys did not arrive on time. 

An Atlanta-based company Great One Xtreme was contracted to produce 600 jerseys for Eastway, Edgewood, Northeast, South Columbus and Clubview.

The jerseys were supposed to be delivered Monday, Sept. 12 in time for the original opening date of Saturday, Sept 17.

"They told us they would get the uniforms here within the three week time frame because we told them what our time frame was and they assured us of having the uniforms here way before then," says Darrell Bryant, President of Columbus Youth Football.

When the jerseys did not arrive, Bryant says he was informed that there was a "vendor issue" and the jerseys would come Thursday, Sept. 22, so Bryant pushed the season start date back to Saturday, Oct 1. 

"They need their jerseys, that's what makes them feel like a team, they can look alike and know we're the South Columbus Raiders, you can't tell who these kids play for," says Natasha Sanks, mother of a Columbus Raider. 

Representatives from Great One Xtreme, who do not want to be identified, say the delay is not totally their fault.

According to documents they sent us, Great One Xtreme didn't receive Eastway's payment until Thursday, Sept. 8 and they didn't receive the sizes for Edgewood until Thursday, Sept. 1. 

According to their website, the owner says he has four to six weeks to fill an order. However, the league says they were fitted for uniforms Tuesday, Aug. 16.

"It makes me feel bad because I don't want them looking bad and I have paid all my money and it's not cheap and it's due right when it's time to go back to school, so it really puts us in a bind, but we do it because we love our kids and we don't want our kids in the streets," says Sanks.

Great One Xtreme also agreed to provide temporary alternative uniforms, free trophies, free design of next year's uniforms as compensation for the delay, and a completion date of Oct 7.

"You are talking appromixately $40,000 total no merchandise, no refunds and all the teams have paid their money to this company," says Bryant.

Columbus Youth Football season is scheduled to begin Saturday, Oct. 1 without the jerseys.

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