Phase 2 of N. College Street-scape begins in Auburn

More construction could be coming for north Auburn

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - Monday, Oct. 3 marked the beginning of Phase 2 of the North College Street-scape in downtown Auburn.

During the summer the city completed Phase 1 of the project north of Glenn Avenue, where they added nine parking spaces and put in new sidewalks.

The new phase takes place between Glenn and Tichenor Avenue.

"The sidewalks will be wider, there will be more parking, it will look better, it will be ADA accessible.  So I think it will be a nice addition to the area," said Jeff Ramsey the City Engineer and Public Works Director. 

This part of the city that has seen major growth in the past few years including a new apartment complex one block away complete just last month.

"Well, obviously we have some new developments going on in the downtown area, we wanted to provide a safe area for people to walk from those apartments to the downtown area," said Ramsey. 

Despite the added traffic and loud construction, the residents and workers in the area believe this is a good thing for this part of North College.

"I think it is a hectic thing as far as the traffic and everything. But eventually it will work out for the better and allow for the business on this side of town to have more parking and allow guest to access the businesses more easily," said Joseph Thompson, an Auburn resident who works at the corner of Glenn Avenue and North College Street.  

The second phase is also expected to create nine new parking spaces, as well as ADA accessible sidewalks, new streetlights and new street trees.  

The city is asking people to try to steer clear of that area of North College Street to limit the increased traffic.  

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