Columbus Community Center faces shutdown caused by financial strain

Columbus Community Center faces shutdown caused by financial strain

Columbus, GA (WTVM) - After 70 years, a recreational institution may have to shut its doors for good. 

Members with the board of directors for the Columbus Community Center on Steam Mill Road acknowledged the after-school program has been offering free care for neighborhood kids for many years, as well as providing services like picking kids up from school on buses or vans.

As the program incurs daily costs, board members have seen no additional income, excluding the funds coming from organizations like United Way.

Speaking to members of the center's board of directors, News Leader 9 knows three employees with the community center have been terminated recently, including the executive director, because of this lack of funds.

Roosevelt Evans, a long-time resident in the neighborhood, said his family has used the center for years, and most recently, his granddaughter would spend time in the after-care program. Evans said it would be a shame to see the center shut down.

"It'd be a black eye for the neighborhood," Evans said. 

Board members also said a large percentage of the center's funds were used to make renovations to the playground area in the back of the building. 

The board's president Willie Varner said the board is working to find a strategy to come up with financial support. 

The board had a meeting Monday afternoon to come up with plans to bring in more funds.

We reached out to members after the meeting, and they could not be reached for comment.

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