Columbus Dance team heading to TV show 'Bring it'

Pt. 2: Columbus Dance team heading to TV show Bring It

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A Columbus girls' group is dancing their way to a popular national television show.

The A Girls dance team, ranging from ages 12-14, is competing against the Dancing Dolls on the Lifetime television show "Bring it" this weekend.

"From the start we had nothing and so now we are here in the studio and we are going on a show that every dance team wants to go on and we are the only team in Columbus that is doing this. We have worked very hard and we are thankful," says Keleigh Arrington, an A Girls dance member.

The team practices at least three times a week for two to three hours each night. In just one year, they have won more than 60 trophies with 30 of them being first place.

This Saturday the team will travel to Canton, MS to compete against the Dancing Dolls.

"These girls work very, very hard, they come a long way and I don't know if everyone knows how hard it is to get to where we are and I just want people to recognize the girls when they see them out that you did a good job, great job, keep up the good work," says Tracy Lane, director of A Girls Dance Team.

Lane says when the team first started they would dance at high school football games, so she says to see them make it to a national television show makes her very proud. 

Jamaya Bush, the team captain, says her favorite dancer is Miss Diana, the coach of the team she is competing against on Saturday.

Donations for the teams travel expenses can be made to Tracy Lane, 706-393-6357 or at the dance studio at 1145 Britt Avenue in Columbus.

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