WTVM Editorial 10/7/16: Registering to vote is important

WTVM Editorial 10/7/16: Registering to vote is important

(WTVM) – There is just about one month left before we go to the polls to vote for the next President.

If you are not registered to vote, time may have run out, depending on where you live.

But if you are registered, chances are, only about half of you will vote.

Since 1908, the percentage of eligible voters who actually cast a ballot has averaged between 50 and 60 percent.

That's much higher than in primary elections, where 20 to 30 percent is the usual voter turnout.

But Washington pundits like to say this year voter interest in the general election may be unusually high, and that would be great if it means higher turnout at the polls.

The major party choices for President, Clinton and Trump, could not be more different from each other and that could encourage more people to make a choice.

Our country remains deeply polarized right now, on just about every social and cultural issue as well as economic and even national security issues.

But once every four years we all can come together and vote.

So, if it is true that every vote counts, this year it may well be that just a few votes in a few states tip the balance in the Electoral College— which will decide the next president for 100 percent of the country.

Hopefully, more than the usual 50 percent of us will step up and exercise the most important right of any citizen in a free country: the right to choose our own leader in the privacy of the voting booth.

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