Hurricane Matthew displaces wedding; couple gets married in Columbus

Hurricane Matthew displaces wedding; couple gets married in Columbus

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Hurricane Matthew has disrupted the lives of thousands of people all across the region; for one couple, their dream wedding, scheduled for this weekend, had to be relocated from the Georgia coast to their hometown of Columbus. 

"Hurricane Matthew blew my wedding away," says Mayumi Betton, engaged to marry Ryan Lewis.

The Atlanta couple first met in Columbus six years ago at Columbus State University.

They found out this past Wednesday their Saturday wedding in St. Simons Island, GA at the Ocean Lodge would be canceled due to severe weather. With less then three days to rethink her entire wedding day, the bride says nothing, not even a hurricane, would ruin her wedding.

"There's no way I can pull this all together, it took me a year and a half to plan this wedding and it took all of moments for it to get canceled," Betton said.

Within just a few hours, a Columbus wedding planner known as the "Dream Team" had all the details for the Lewis' wedding planned out.

"8 a.m. in the morning is when I received the call, we stepped on the airplane at 11 a.m., and the wedding was completely done by then," says Anette Ernest, wedding planner with the Dream Team.

Now instead of a beachside wedding, Ryan and Mayumi will be pronounced man and wife at Betton's hometown church Ambassadors of Christ Fellowship in Columbus.

For their reception, the two will go down memory lane back to the very place the met for a night of fun and celebration at CSU's Cunningham Center.

"The people at Ocean's Lodge have been very fair, I believe. They were able to overnight us a check. Even though it might not have been everything we were still able to recoup a lot of what we paid," Lewis said.
The wedding will take place Saturday, Oct. 8 at 4 p.m.

The bride said all of the vendors were able to make it out safely as well. The St Simon's Island Florist sent their flowers overnight express before evacuating and the baker reimbursed them for their cake.

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