Auburn ultimate frisbee team hosts schools from across the country

Auburn hosts Intercollegiate Ultimate Frisbee tournament
(Source: Brandon Etheredge/WTVM)
(Source: Brandon Etheredge/WTVM)

AUBURN,AL (WTVM) - Saturday, Auburn University played host to another sports team. This week it wasn't football but ultimate frisbee.

Sixteen teams from ten school across the country, converging in Auburn for one of the first pre-season Ultimate Frisbee tournaments of the year.

"It is like a combination of football, soccer and basketball," says Eric Sjostrom Auburn's Team Captain.

Just because the sport is not as well know, it is as physical as the varsity sports.

"My teammate over there has had three concussions," explains Katherine Endicott a player for Kennesaw State.

The game is not your backyard game of frisbee, there are several tips and tricks to being the best in the league.

"Stay chill when you have the disk, don't throw the first thing you see if it is not a viable option," explains Endicott. "If it is windy like this you want to throw lower and really pay attention to the structure of your throw."

While the team may not be recognized by the NCAA, they take the game just as seriously.

"It is just on the brink of NCAA affiliation so it is very serious. We practice three times a week, we are a team sport, we are just not wide spread enough to have a NCAA affiliation," says Sjostrom.

Auburn's team is looking to make it to Nationals for the 3rd year in a row. In 2015 the team placed fifth in the country.

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