Phenix City native indicted for identity theft

Phenix City native indicted for identity theft

(WTVM) - Three suspects have been indicted in federal court for their involvement in an identity theft ring where the personal identities of various victims were used to open fraudulent credit card accounts without their knowledge.

Patrick Rashaud Thomas, 24, from Georgia, Patience Denise Minor, 52, from Phenix City, AL and Shameka Lashey Thomas, 27, from Sylvester, GA were all involved in this scheme.

Thomas assisted his fellow conspirators while serving jail time with the Georgia Department of Corrections for unrelated convictions.

According to court documents, the identity theft scheme was carried out by obtaining stolen personal identifying information and then using that information to apply for Capitol One credit cards under false pretenses.

They would then direct those credit cards to be sent to addresses used by other conspirators.  The method used to obtain the personal information of their victims is still under investigation.  The fraudulent credit cards were ultimately used for the personal benefit of the three. Thomas would sometimes have proceeds from the credit cards placed on his prison commissary account.

If convicted, each of them could face up to thirty years in prison, as well as significant fines and restitution.

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