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Chick-fil-A brings back classic BBQ sauce after social media scorn

It's back, y'all. (Source: Chick-fil-A) It's back, y'all. (Source: Chick-fil-A)

ATLANTA (WTVM) - Chick-fil-A heard you loud and clear, BBQ sauce fans. 

After trying to change what fans called a lesser, smokehouse version of the previous product, the fast food chain announced on Tuesday that it was bringing back their popular BBQ dipping sauce. 

"Change isn’t always easy. In fact, sometimes it can be downright difficult," the chain said in a press release

The change came in July when the chain rolled out a new breakfast sandwich, various menu items, and additional sauces. The backlash was immediate for the BBQ switcheroo. Fans took to social media, proclaiming that Chick-fil-A #BringBackTheSauce. 

Don't worry, saucy fanboys and fangirls - it's back. You won't have to buy your stash on eBay. A portion of the statement says: 

When we introduced a new Smokehouse Barbeque Sauce in July, we thought we were serving up a bold new flavor you’d love. But your response was even bolder.

People are passionate about their sauces. Sweet or tangy, spicy or creamy, for many people, it’s the sauce that makes the meal. Perhaps that’s why comments, social media posts, and even petitions rolled in, forming an all-out grassroots campaign to #BringBacktheBBQ.

We’re listening. After reading and rereading your messages aloud and on camera, we decided to change it back. Beginning mid-November, the original Barbeque Sauce will return to the Chick-fil-A menu at restaurants nationwide to replace Smokehouse Barbeque Sauce. 

Now that we’ve shared the good news with you, we have just one request: Share the good news that we #BroughtBacktheBBQ and enjoy our team’s reactions to your many tweets.

The sauce will return to locations nationwide in mid-November. 

Here is the video of employees reading tweets of outrage with #BringBackTheSauce

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